Case’s Music is committed to educating children and adults in the art of music and helping them to become a part of Sault Ste. Marie’s music scene.  Our teachers, who have the highest level of education from universities across Canada, offer musical training in such instruments as guitar, bass, piano, mandolin, banjo, drums, violin, and voice. We strive to give our customers a positive experience and, as such, we require that our employees help our students meet their goals while working with them in an engaging and professional manner.

We also provide access to a range of musical instruments and accessories to ensure our students and community are equipped with the best tools to enjoy making music.  We offer instruments for all price ranges and skill levels, and stand behind every product we offer. Our skilled professionals will be happy to assist you with finding the instrument that best suits your needs.

Assisting new musicians with creating original material is one of our primary objectives. As such, we provide tools and education in sound production for live performance and the recording process. We even provide workshops with touring musicians in which aspiring musicians can work one-on-one with artists who have written, produced, and mastered their own music. With our assistance in the creative and technical processes of music, we hope our students will become contributing members of our growing musical community. 

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